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Disconnect to reconnect.

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Agent Grace eventI was recently asked to share my predictions on industry trends.

After considering food, colours and theme trends, I realised the biggest ‘trend’ extends beyond aesthetics.

Over the past few years, I have noticed the increasing number of delegates/guests who are physically present but mentally distracted during events, seemingly due to technology, high workloads and stress.

Technology can play a hugely beneficial role in events [such as social media engagement and live polling] however our challenge is to create events where guests are fully present and engaged with the content and other guests.
This ensures strong event outcomes are delivered [and absorbed!] and relationships are strengthened. Disconnect to reconnect.

Palm Cove SellTNQI anticipate nature and balance will be very influential over the next year, such as:

1. Workations [a balance of work and vacation].
Regional destinations such as Cairns, Queenstown and Byron Bay have invested a lot into increasing their accessibility and event facilities. A relaxed holiday atmosphere increases buy in from guests, builds creativity, connection, productivity and loyalty.

2. Phone free meals.
Venues such as Flames of the Forest in QLD are attracting new business due to their zero mobile phone reception.

3. Fresh air and daylight.
Scientifically proven to increase concentration and productivity.
At Skippers Canyon near Queenstown, meetings are held in a gold mining hut and lunch is served atop the mountain. HQNZ also organises glamping adventures for team retreats and incentives.

4. Dedicated free time.
Grace yogaScheduling time each day for all attendees to catch up on emails or exercise means during conference hours, delegates are awake and engaged. Better still, follow the lead of Q Station and organise daily exercises such as yoga or kayaking. An 8am – 6pm schedule with a 30 minute turnaround for dinner will result in tired guests who multitask during business hours.

5. Nutritional food.
Sugar or carb filled meals [like muffins for morning tea] provide a short energy spike. Protein, vegetables and good fats keep guest alert and engaged for much longer. Thankfully health food is becoming trendy, and some venues are providing fantastic options. E.g. QT now offers coconuts, protein balls and green smoothies during breaks.

*Article first published in Micenet magazine.


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