A guide to event industry resources for COVID-19. [Updated 26 March]

Dear event industry friends,

I don’t really have the words to summarise the current landscape for us as Australians and also event professionals. What do you say when almost your entire industry is illegal overnight? These measures are super important yet also impossibly tough.

I thought it would be helpful to aggregate all the brilliant resources being established to help us out – I’ll update as best as I can over the coming weeks. NB I’ll do my best to provide accurate, up to date information but please do your own fact checking!

We all need to look out for the mental health of our community too. The anxiety and stress is enough, and some of us are also dealing with self-isolation. I’m on day 5 and already over it! Some might be dealing with actually being sick. So let’s check in with each other reguarly. Help each other however we can.

There are many wonderful things to come out of a crisis like this. Even though it’s hard to imagine, know that this virus will pass and a new normal life will resume. Let’s stay positive, offer support and put up our hands if we need it.

Industry News

19 March 2020:
ABC article on industry colleague Richard Neville returning home to isolation. Also the first article I’ve seen that mentions our industry, specifically business events.

SpiceNews article re Government Announcement on limits on gatherings. All events must allow 4sqm per person now.

Industry Support // Let’s Rally

I Lost My Gig – a website to log income you’ve lost from event cancellations.

Event Industry Aid [Australia] – a petition to call on the Australian government to provide aid to the industry. Please sign!

Event Industry Aid [USA] – a petition to call on the US government to provide aid to the industry. Please sign!

Freelancer Village – a Facebook group with job postings and event community chat.

A letter template by Caroline Looveer to send to your local MP to get our industry in front of parliament.

QLD Health is hiring admin and ops staff to help with COVID-19.

Australian Government – latest financial support for sole traders and casuals.

Work Resources // Events

Tuesday 31 March, 12pm EST:
Preserve Mental Health In Time Of Crisis – a webinar by Event Manager Blog. NB it’s 3am Wednesday Sydney time, but if you register they’ll send you a recording.

Until June:
Free online AV training thanks to AVIXA

Work Resources // Websites + Pages

Marketers in Pyjamas – A new weekly webinar by Tribe, exploring the new marketing landscape and what it means for us personally and professionally.

WFH 101 – a blog by Adobe on how to stay engaged and productive working from home.

Staying Sane In Isolation.

A few tips from being several days into isolation….

Headspace – a meditation and mindfulness [paid] app. Lots of good vids on YouTube too, as well as free apps.

We Are Explorers – a guide to maintaining good mental health while social distancing.

Virtual catch ups – if you have access to video conferencing facilities, use them to have catch ups with your pals. I’m dialling in for wine o’clock with my friends this weekend.

Keep moving – take regular [hourly] breaks if you are WFH. Do 20 x starjumps, pushups or squats to get the blood flowing. If you have a balcony or yard, get outside!

Gratitude List

It’s easy to get swept up in the fear and uncertainty, but there are positives to this situation. If you’re feeling a lil down, here’s a few things to cheer you up. If you have something to add, please ping me on comments / LinkedIn or Instagram.

> Anyone who lives under a flight path has… almost silence
> If you can WFH, no more being squished on a bus
> Without travel time to visit friends, you can catch up with more people in a week [over video chat]
> Telstra and Optus are giving out free extra data
> Air pollution in China has been reduced so much it’s estimated to have saved 50-75K lives.
> This video of Arnie and his mini ponies. #StayTheFHome
> Time to catch up on hobbies, gardening, baking etc

Brunch Bush Bash.

Oomph lanyards

Sustainable event guide.

Running on fire.

Chia Crackers

Crack crackers.


Sustainable events.

C2 Montreal Skylab interior

C2 2017: The dossier.


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