Welcome to Agent Grace – the lifestyle blog for event professionals.

Here you will find wellbeing, industry insights, job hacks and ‘life support’ blogs to help you balance a career in events with a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming a successful event professional requires an extensive combination of skills and the ability to appear bulletproof.

A typical day could include deciphering a client brief, rigging hanging florals, infiltrating hotel rooms, booking flights, interrogating venues on their wifi speeds… and generally diffusing bombs before anyone else senses danger.

So pretty much like being a secret agent… albeit without guns or danger money.

Event management is consistently voted the worlds most stressful career
(after life-or-death jobs). Sleep deprivation is common, bathroom breaks are rare, stress is constant and champagne is surprisingly elusive.

Like many of our industry colleagues, I experienced burnout a few years back, which led to one big realisation:

You can’t be an elite agent when you don’t have the energy to get off the sofa – health is the key to a sustained and successful career.

Wellbeing, balance and emotional intelligence within the industry has become my most important mission since.


Grace is the Director behind Agent Grace, with over 14 years active duty managing events for high profile businesses in the finance, technology, retail and healthcare industries.

Grace first realised her organisation, creativity and leadership skills could be translated into an events career after launching a social club for expats in Denmark back in ’06.

Inspired by the positive experiences and connections within the clubs community, she returned home to study and embark on her adventurous career.

From humble beginnings escorting Ronald McDonald on a country town roadshow, Grace has since accomplished domestic and international missions including: intimate and large scale dinners, incentives, hospitality events and conferences for 15 – 5000 pax.

Grace is passionate about strategically and creatively led events, experience design, marketing, sustainability and the mindset of event professionals.

She has been featured in industry publications CIM, AIME and Micenet as well as Marie Claire and Womens Health.

Her weekends usually involve running, nature, writing, playing with art and practicing Spanish.